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Cuff Me Sheriff - by Lee Owens and Remmy Duchene

The moment Alan Chambers could, he packed a knapsack and left Cypress Bay. He didn't think there was anything keeping him there and dying in that pit was the last thing he wanted. Making his millions, Alan's life has become one where he is surrounded by yes men, and everyone wants to kiss his ass. After years of loneliness, he decides to take a vacaton to Cypress Bay in a desperate attempt to see if you really can go home again.

Dax Ducaine grew up in Cypress Bay and has no intentions of leaving--ever. He is now the Sherif of the small town and loves his life like he loves the lazy Sundays in the small town--quiet, drama free and bullshit free. When Alan waltzes back into town, old feelings begin seeping to the surface and Dax has every intention of fighting it off--if his heart is going to betray him, its going to do it with him kicking and screaming.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ripped Apart is here!!

I know this is late but well, I've been running around like mad lately. So, RIPPED APART is now available at Red Eclipse Writers. It is finally on sale and I am finally published! WOOHOO! I am super excited about that! Rem and I are already talking about the next story--we're hoping it will be longer.
This story was meant to be a little on the short side but its a genuine love story of sorts. I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks for those who have written me to tell me how you liked it it means a lot to me and Remmy. I've read over her shoulders from her facebook wall and I was flailing like a baby it was funny really. Remmy couldn't stop laughing. Anyways, I best be going to bed. Just wanted to stop by and spread the good news!
Lee-Oh *grins* For those who read Ripped Apart you will get that one.

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