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Cuff Me Sheriff - by Lee Owens and Remmy Duchene

The moment Alan Chambers could, he packed a knapsack and left Cypress Bay. He didn't think there was anything keeping him there and dying in that pit was the last thing he wanted. Making his millions, Alan's life has become one where he is surrounded by yes men, and everyone wants to kiss his ass. After years of loneliness, he decides to take a vacaton to Cypress Bay in a desperate attempt to see if you really can go home again.

Dax Ducaine grew up in Cypress Bay and has no intentions of leaving--ever. He is now the Sherif of the small town and loves his life like he loves the lazy Sundays in the small town--quiet, drama free and bullshit free. When Alan waltzes back into town, old feelings begin seeping to the surface and Dax has every intention of fighting it off--if his heart is going to betray him, its going to do it with him kicking and screaming.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Ok, So I'm a nerd, I know. This is my FIRST post here! that's right--I'm a blogger virgin! I kinda sorta just figured out how to do this. So with some prodding from a writer who shall be left nameless. Anyways I should say a little about me.

My name is Lee Owens (yes that is my real name). I was born in Jamaica and lived about a two minute walk away from Remmy. We went to the same Primary school, that's where we met after Remmy kicked some guy's butt for me. Anyways, we became really close friends. We started the same high school together. If you know anything about the Jamaican schools sysptem you know that's a task in itself to go to the same high school as your best friend but we managed to pass the Common Entrance together at th same time so we could go to the same high school. Anyways, when Remmy turned twelve or thirteen Remmy moved to Canada and we wrote back and forth for a while until we lost track. It so happened that I started university and guess who was sitting right behind me, in my Media Literacy class? You guessed it! Remmy! I don't have a facebook so she couldn't find me there and I gave up on myspace YEARS ago. Ugh...I cannot be that old--I feel ancient as I typed that lol.

Well, her and I instantly left the class and spent the day reconnecting. It took me two years to finally tell her that I was actually gay because I didn't know how she would take it but when I told her, explained that I was scared of telling her she simple rolled her eyes and punched me hard against the shoulder...can you believe that? She punched me! She called me an idiot then kissed me on the nose and asked if we can go get dinner now.

This is where the corny comes in but I mean EVERY word of this. Without Remmy, sometimes I don't know how I would have survived coming out to the family etc. She's been a rock to me and I love her dearly!

Ok so on to RIPPED APART. We've decided to write together. I have no time to write for a regular house like she does (lord knows how she does it) but I will make time to write with her any day of the week. Though she can be a pain in my butt at times (Yes Rem the good Kind *grins). So Ripped Apart is almost finished. *squee* Then the editing. I know Rem hates editing but it has to be done.
The pic above was found after digging mountains and mountais of not so PG pics in google pics I finally found one that said awwwww! Enjoy!

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